The industry leader of plastics joining and metal welding equipment

Branson Ultrasonics Corporation, a business of Emerson, is the industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of plastics joining and metal welding equipment as well as precision cleaning and liquid processing equipment. Branson is committed to providing solutions that meet the needs of their customers, providing the latest in technology, both in products and processes.

Branson Ultrasonic

Branson is known worldwide for developing advanced technologies, building the highest quality equipment, and providing unsurpassed technical support no matter where in the world you are located. Branson’s global presence ensures local support for you whenever and wherever you need it. They not only produce the equipment that helps you manufacture products, but also they provide you with local engineering assistance, parts and preventative maintenance, training, and other support solutions, through W. Lee Ultraplast, that make sense for keeping your business profitable.

Branson is known worldwide for developing advanced technologies.

Featured Products:

 2000 Series Integrated Ultrasonic Plastic Welders

2000 Series Branson2000 Series Integrated
Ultrasonic Plastic Welders IW/IW+ – 1100, 2200 & 3300 Watts
Branson’s 2000 Series Integrated Welders are self-contained ultrasonic plastics assembly systems that combine a power supply module, process controls, and welding stand in a compact bench unit to conserve work space, ease setup, simplify operation, facilitate relocation, and make service convenient. The integrated welder is the ideal “entry level” system for new users of ultrasonic technology and those with lower production requirements.

Available with power output of 1100, 2200 or 3300 watts, the integrated welder Models IW and IW+ feature digital controls for accurate and repeatable setups. In addition, the IW+ models enable distance welding in either collapse or absolute modes with limits. When using the welder, the assembly operation is characterized by simplicity, speed, and efficiency. Once the system is programmed for a particular workpiece, no further adjustments are required.

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The Branson LPX Unit

LPX Branson

The LXP features multiple weld modes, power levels and frequencies. The standard weld modes are continuous, time and energy. It also is available with an optional factory-installed ground detect weld mode. The units are available in three frequencies: 20 kHz at 150 and 550 Watts; 30 kHz at 550 Watts; and 40 kHz at 150 and 550 Watts.



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