General Description

Powered by BRANSON’S latest 2000 Series Ultrasonic technology the LEE industrial Sewing Machine is designed for joining both light and heavy synthetic fabrics and films. The 800mm throat allows for unmatched convenience when working with wide products such as filter bags and industrial pockets.

Lee_Ultrasonic_Sewing _Machine
LEE – WLS-1000 Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

Key Features

  • Electronic Amplitude Control – Allows for digital selection of the melt required in the joint.
  • Sewing Speed – Regulated using the foot pedal control
  • Melt depth Selection – A graduated mechanical adjustment allows for sewing depth adjustment for materials of different thicknesses.
  • Force Control – Pneumatic pressure regulation on the front panel allows for precise control of the melt during bonding.
  • Versatility – Selection of power levels is available from 1.1Kw to 4Kw as well as stitch wheel width and patterns to suit the application.