Our Service Advantage

We are able to:

• Trouble Shoot all Applications

• Develop New Applications

• Effectively Repair all the Equipment we Sell

• Supply most spare parts from Stock

• Supply most Accessories from Stock

• Offer Telephonic Customer Support, based on 40 years of Experience

• Finally Test Equipment in all aspects as done in Europe and the U.S.A, using very Specialised and Expensive Equipment Dedicated to these Tests.

• Offer an Overall Service Unique in Africa

In addition we have:

• Regularly trained overseas on the most confidential technology in the industry

• Personnel conversant with all of the latest equipment available (including digital and microprocessor controlled)

• A Service Engineer with more than 15 years experience

We service and maintain Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

An example of the Support we offer:

The last VW City Golf Car upgrade required a new design of Dash Board. We were asked to provide the Ultrasonic Technology and equipment for the assembly of all the components, including the Air Ducting, I.P. Panel, Air Deflectors and reinforcing struts.

Together with the Customer we designed the Ultrasonic Staking Horn profiles for the various shaped locating/securing pins and where the critical support areas were for the Nesting of the part.

The Ultrasonic Horns we designed, built and supplied with internal cooling channels for rapid cooling of the melt.

Finally we were involved in the set-up of the robot using these Ultrasonic Horns and the final weld parameters.

The result was a successful automotive component.