LPX BransonEmerson Industrial Automation announced the launch of Branson’s new Low Power Unit (LPX) platform, its latest offering for applications with power requirements of up to 550 Watts.

The LPX units have a number of new user interface/process control features designed to make set up, configuration and navigation easier. These include: an icon-based user interface, digital parameter entry, and the ability to save and recall up to 10 presets. In addition, the 1 millisecond data sampling rate provides superior performance.

“For customers with low power requirements, the LPX platform answers their needs with a lineup of units offering advanced-performance features as well as application flexibility for maximum process control and reliable power,” said Scott McClelland, Director of Global Product Management.

The LXP features multiple weld modes, power levels and frequencies. The standard weld modes are continuous, time and energy. It also is available with an optional factory-installed ground detect weld mode. The units are available in three frequencies: 20 kHz at 150 and 550 Watts; 30 kHz at 550 Watts; and 40 kHz at 150 and 550 Watts.

Additional features:

  • The LPX series hand-held ultrasonic welders are compact, lightweight tools used to spot weld or stake large, complex parts and those with hard-to-reach joint areas. Two types of hand-held welders are available: pistol grip (PT) and barrel grip (HT).
  • The LPX units can be used with their appropriate hand-held welder or can be connected directly to a converter/booster/horn stack.
  • The units in the LPX platform utilize Branson’s patented circuitry with closed loop amplitude control to provide maximum process control.

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Emerson Industrial Automation Launches Branson’s new LPX platform